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Reflections from Small Group

During the Tuesday men's small group, we studied Acts 4:12-13. We meant to study more, but we so thoroughly enjoyed thinking about those two verses and their implications for our lives that we did not move beyond them. Here's what they say, "And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." Now when ...

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Rabbit Trails & Evangelistic Conversations

This past week, I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with a very thoughtful Jew, who unfortunately doesn't believe that Jesus is the Messiah. As I reflect back on our conversation, I realize that too often we were talking about differences between Christians and Jews without talking enough about who is the main difference (Jesus). I think that this must happen to a lo...

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Faith: A Gift of God

In our discipleship hour this past Sunday, we dove into a thrilling discussion on God's gracious work in the salvation of sinners. I've been in the midst of doing some reading for school and I came across this helpful excerpt on the subject from J. Gresham Machen's classic work, Christianity Liberalism. "The beginning of the Christian life is an act of God. It is an act ...

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Our Gracious Heavenly Father

Last night I had the privilege of ministering with another brother in the congregation. A few weeks back he was walking about in his neighborhood, when he suddenly found himself talking with his neighbor about some serious matters. He was faithful to express his concern for them, and faithful to express his willingness to listen and be of whatever help he could. In short, ...

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Pray for Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

I have long prayed for our congregation to be faithful in evangelism. I think that the Lord has given us much grace in this regard. Several members of our congregation are in active conversations with co-workers, family members, friends, and neighbors. I praise God for that. Earlier in the week, I realized that while I was regularly praying for us to be faithful in evangel...

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Another Revenue Battle

The Washington DC area is constantly in a battle over revenue and what those funds will be spent on. Let's let Thomas Goodwin change the subject to a more edifying discussion of revenues for a moment: "What shall be the revenues of glory purchased by His death? Think what a large possession the blood of Christ will procure. Think, I say, what a glorious heaven it must b...

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Testify of God’s Grace

I've been doing a fair bit of work preparing for our members' meeting this coming Sunday and it has been a real delight. Lord willing, we'll be seeing in our largest membership class in the history of our congregation since its constitution. I've been re-reading the membership interviews that the elders and I have done over the last month and it has been encouraging to thi...

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Pray Until You Pray

Sometimes I struggle to really pray. Does that ever happen to you? One puritan use to say, "Pray until you pray," but I think we all struggle at times to get going in our prayer. We mumble and fumble and stumble around in our prayers, praying for this and that, changing our minds about what we're praying about. Lists can help direct us. Directories can help direct us! But ...

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