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A Brief Reflection on the Incarnation

As we come out of a season in which we spent some time meditating on the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and as we move into a series in the gospel of John (which opens meditating on the incarnation of Jesus Christ), I thought that it might be valuable to think through the immense theology of the incarnation. J.I. Packer notes in his book Knowing God that the incarnation migh...

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Fitted, Unfitted, and Refitted

J.I. Packer once provocatively wrote, "Law-keeping is that life for which we were fitted by nature, unfitted by sin, and refitted by grace" [J.I. Packer, Keeping the 10 Commandments, (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2007), p.44]. Is that you? Have you been refitted by grace? Apart from God's work of grace, we are sure to fail in keeping God's law. And even having been refitte...

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Christ’s Cross-work

So this past Sunday when we were studying Christ's cross-work from John 18:28-19:42, I wanted to include a few quotes that reflected on the power of Christ's coronation and crucifixion. I wanted to keep the sermon to a reasonable length, so (sadly) I had to cut all of them. But because there some that I find to be so powerful and moving, I thought I'd provide a few for you...

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