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Small Groups

To encourage each other in the faith and spend time together studying God's Word, Arlington Baptist offers a number of small group opportunities for members of the church. These groups are detailed more fully below. The overarching purpose of these groups is to build greater fellowship among the members of Arlington Baptist in the context of Bible study, sharing, prayer, mutual accountability and fellowship. These opportunities are for Arlington Baptist members only.

Men's Small Groups

Arington Baptist currently offers two men's small groups for members. One of the groups meets every other week on Monday night from 8:30-10:00 and is studying through the book of Philemon. The other group meets every other week on Tuesday night from 7:30-9:00 and is studying through God's Word. 

Women's Small Groups

Arlington Baptist currently offers four small groups for women for members. The groups meet at various times throughout the week, but all are studying successively through the book of Hebrews.

Community Groups

Arington Baptist currently offers several community groups for members of the church. These groups meet on Sundays (every other week), Thursdays (every other week) and Fridays.

The purpose of community groups is to form and foster greater fellowship (community) in our church body. Community groups will eat together, reflect on God's Word together, and pray together. Different community groups will accomplish those goals differently. For example, some community groups will read an edifying Christian book together that reflects on a particular the truth of God's Word, another group will read through the Gospel of Mark focusing in on only a handful of questions, and another group will listen to and review the sermon from the previous week.