“By persuading the town to organize into smaller, private religious meetings, Edwards resuscitated one of the basic components of the Puritan movement . . . in the social meetings, neighbors prayed, studied together, taught and exhorted each other, and built each other up spiritually.” — George Marsden, on Jonathan Edwards’ effort to form small groups

Wednesday Night Bible study, small groups, and community groups are groups that promote relationships in which Arlington Baptist Church lives out the “one another” commands of the New Testament. They typically start in September and run through the end of May. We have found that these groups are an excellent way for you to grow meaningful relationships. Our groups typically gather either once a week or every other week for fellowship, prayer, and to study God’s Word. Different groups will accomplish those goals differently. Some groups may read an edifying Christian book together, others may read/study through a book of the Bible, and still others may listen to and review the sermon from the previous week. The elders oversee the groups and what they choose to read or study.

Small groups are groups either for men only or women only, and community groups are comprised of both men and women. While small groups and community groups are mainly aimed at members, Wednesday night Bible study is open to all (members and visitors).

Wednesday Night Bible Study (6:30pm–8:00pm)

Wednesday Night Bible Study begins with a fellowship meal at 6:30pm. In other words, dinner is provided. After eating dinner and having table fellowship, we sing a couple of songs, study through the Gospel of John, and conclude with prayer. All are welcome (members and visitors).

Men's Small Groups

Arlington Baptist Church currently offers three small groups for men:

MEN's Monday Night Group (Every other week), 8:30pm, Arlington, @ the church building [Galatians]

MEN's Wednesday Morning Group, 6:30am, Arlington, @ the church building [Exodus]

MEN's Thursday Night Group (Every week), 8:00pm, Alexandria, @ member's home [Scripture study, Sermon review, Christian documentaries, and book studies]

Women's Small Groups

Arlington Baptist Church currently offers three small groups for women:

WOMEN's Monday Night Group (Every other week), 7:30pm, Bailey's Crossroads, @ a member's home [Book Nook Book]

WOMEN's Thursday Morning Group, 9:30am, Arlington, @ the church building/childcare provided [1–2 Timothy, or 1 Peter]

WOMEN's Thursday Evening Group, 8:00pm, Burke/Fairfax, @ member's home [Hosea]

Community Groups

As of right now, Arlington Baptist Church has one Community Group. It meets on Sunday afternoon on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month following the morning service.