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Unpacking the Gospel

How often do you meditate on the gospel? How often do you unpack the deep truths of the gospel? How often do you stand back in wonder at the work of redemption by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit? It would be good for your soul to take some time this week and unpack the gospel. Consider what R.C. Sproul says about the gospel. "A Substitute has appeared...

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Preach This

From time to time I've mentioned the need to "preach to yourself." That idea and concept comes from D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his book Spiritual Depression (see pages 20-21). In that work, Lloyd-Jones identifies that we often have the problem of listening to ourselves instead of preaching to ourselves. We listen to our thoughts of bitterness and resentment, and so we're tem...

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Our Gracious Heavenly Father

Last night I had the privilege of ministering with another brother in the congregation. A few weeks back he was walking about in his neighborhood, when he suddenly found himself talking with his neighbor about some serious matters. He was faithful to express his concern for them, and faithful to express his willingness to listen and be of whatever help he could. In short, ...

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Pray for Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

I have long prayed for our congregation to be faithful in evangelism. I think that the Lord has given us much grace in this regard. Several members of our congregation are in active conversations with co-workers, family members, friends, and neighbors. I praise God for that. Earlier in the week, I realized that while I was regularly praying for us to be faithful in evangel...

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