Make Jesus Known

Church Family,

How do you look at your life? How do you think about when and where God has placed you? Do you think your life, with your background, experience, and present location are an accident or full of purpose? What if God has been at work from the beginning? What if God is at work in the present? What if God has been at work surrounding you with people who need to know about Jesus and that you’re precisely the person God intends to use to make Christ known to them? We shouldn’t doubt that this is precisely what he has done. Consider what Rico Tice and Carl Laferton communicate in Honest Evangelism about this. They write:

It’s no accident that you know the people you do. It’s no accident that they’re in your path. They need the gospel. You know the gospel. God wants them to hear the gospel. And that transforms how I look at my life. It makes it really exciting. If I’m sitting on a train and there’s someone opposite me, God has put them there. He’s not far from them, because I know him and I’m sitting opposite them. Now that transforms whether I’ll bother to try to start a conversation with them. It’ll transform what I aim to talk about with them. And it’ll transform how I pray for my day ahead; I’ll be praying for energy and love to make the most of every divine appointment that God has already written into my schedule.

We need to believe that God is in charge of which desk we sit at. We need to understand that God has put people around us because he wants them to hear the gospel. We need to grasp God’s sovereignty.

[Rico Tice and Carl Laferton, Honest Evangelism: How to Talk About Jesus Even When Its Tough (Epsom, Surrey, England: Good Book Company, 2015), 50.]

Be bold with the good news today. Look around. Who do you know who needs to know Jesus? Make Jesus known to them today.

Warmly in Christ,