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God's Kindness Leads us to Repentance

April 22, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

During our initial study of the book of Judges, we spent a little bit of time reflecting on the subject of repentance.  The people of Israel in the opening of Judges 2 appear to be broken, but as Sir Richard Baker once said, “Other things may be worse for breaking, yet a heart is never at the best until it is broken.”  ... Keep Reading

Grateful for Garbage

April 22, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

I know that we’ve come through Thanksgiving and are now clearly looking forward to Christmas, and it is right that we do so, but in reality we should never stop giving thanks. As I was working on a sermon a short while ago I came across an incredibly edifying passage in a commentary, which challenged me to be more thankful for garbage ... Keep Reading