Testify of God’s Grace

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work preparing for our members’ meeting this coming Sunday and it has been a real delight. Lord willing, we’ll be seeing in our largest membership class in the history of our congregation since its constitution. I’ve been re-reading the membership interviews that the elders and I have done over the last month and it has been encouraging to think about how God has been so gracious to these brothers and sisters in Christ. Their stories are so wonderfully different and dramatic, but in each person’s story Christ is proclaimed as King. He is the one who subdues sinners and graciously calls them to himself, and we should rejoice in this as often as possible.

Reading the stories of these brothers and sisters in Christ makes me think that we should share the story of how we came to faith in Christ more often. After all, it is an opportunity to thank and praise him for his many kindnesses towards us. The next time you’re out with another brother or sister in Christ and you’ve got a few minutes, ask them to tell you how they came to faith. If you’ve heard the story before, you should probably hear it again, and if you haven’t heard it before, then you should probably hear it!