They Received the Word

December 12, 2021 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Acts

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 17:1–15

Main Idea: Jesus, the Messianic King, must be proclaimed in all the world.

1. Plan (Acts 17:1–2, 10)

Key idea: A Plan is useful to the mission.

Personal Application: Have a plan for your evangelism.

Church Application: Our plan is proclamation for the purpose of equipping you for the purpose of the ministry (Ephesians 4).

2. Proclamation (Acts 17:2–3, 11)

Key idea: Proclamation is the heart of the mission.

Personal Application: Make sure you get to proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

Church Application: The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus from the Scriptures must be the heartbeat of sermons in our church.

3. Proselytes (Acts 17:4, 12)

Key idea: A goal in preaching is to persuade people to believe on Jesus and love God’s Word.

Personal Application: Search the Scriptures daily for the Savior.

Church Application: Across the church’s ministries encourage a love for God’s Word and seek to make disciples

4. Persecution (Acts 17:5–9, 13)

Key idea: Persecution is common to the mission.

Personal Application: Remember that Jesus told us that we would be persecuted for his namesake. Be sure that the reason for your persecution is for faithfulness to Jesus.

Church Application: Jason, his house, and other believers in Thessalonica were attacked because of other Christians. We’re connected! Berean Christians were afflicted by outsiders. The church can face persecution from within its locality and from outside sources. 

5. Perseverance (Acts 17:1, 10, 14–15)

Key idea: Despite opposition Paul and his missionary companions persevered in the mission.

Personal Application: Be more committed to the praise of God than the praise of men.

Church Application: We must be committed to making God’s name known even when rejected by men.