Mercy for Sinners

June 19, 2022 Speaker: Deepak Reju Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Exposition Scripture: 2 Kings 5:19–5:27

Main Idea: Unrepentant sin can ruin your life, so be warned. Your only hope is to repent and run to the cross.

Key Question: Where does your lack of repentance lead you?

Four Answers

1. Your unrepentant sin starts with greed and ends with hypocrisy. [2 Kings 5:19–25]

     a. The chain reaction starts with greed (a corrupt desire to possess more than one needs).

     b. Greed is the root of all kinds of evil (e.g. coveting, pride, opportunistic, lying). [1 Tim. 6:10]

    c. A life of greed ends with hypocrisy (professing to be a person of faith but acting like a worldly person).

2. Your unrepentant sin betrays God's grace. [2 Kings 5:22–23]

3. Your unrepentant sin leads to God's judgment. [2 Kings 5:26–27]

4. Your unrepentant sin leads you to the cross. [2 Kings 8:1–6]

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