New Testament Reading Challenge [September-December 2020]

Church Family,

Beginning in September I'd like for as many of us as possible to read through the New Testament together. In about 15 minutes a day, we can read through the whole New Testament from September through December (and that includes a break on Sundays, and only one chapter on Wednesdays). 

I was struck by the ease with which we can accomplish this as I was finishing up the sermon series in 1 Peter. In 1 Peter 5:12, Peter said that he had written to the elect exiles "briefly." That word "briefly" jumped out at me. 1 Peter is short. It is only 5 chapters long, and if you were to read it out loud, then it would take you less than 15 minutes to read. Many of the epistles of the New Testament are that brief. 

If you already have a reading plan, then that is great. Keep going in your reading plan, and simply delete my emails, or add this reading plan on if you think you can manage it. But if you don't have a reading plan, then join me in reading through the whole New Testament to close out the year. If you've got teenagers, consider challenging them to read through the NT too. 

Hopefully I'll send out some tips and tricks on reading and staying on pace in the days ahead, but look for weekly NTRC (New Testament Reading Challenge) emails to begin on September 1!

Warmly in Christ,

Mike Law