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Duties of Husbands to Wives

August 31, 2017 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

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Brothers & Sisters,

             I recently had the privilege of preaching at the wedding of members of our congregation.  My text was Ephesians 5 and in the course of the sermon I outlined four duties of husbands to wives.  I thought that they could be useful to our congregation as a whole, and so I want to share them with you here.  Husbands are called to proclaim, profess, prioritize, and prefer their wives. 

Husbands are called to proclaim their love for their wives.  This proclamation of love should occur in both word and deed.  Wives needs to hear their husbands say, “I love you.”  What is more, wives need to see their husbands demonstrate their love in sacrifice.  Secondly, husbands are to lead their wives to profess Christ daily.  In other words, husbands are to lead their wives to continue to put their trust in Jesus Christ.  Husbands are also called to prioritize their wives.  Husbands do not protect their own interests, but consider the interests of their wives before their own (Philippians 2:4).  This is what Jesus has done for us.  Finally, husbands are called to prefer their wives.  Husbands are called to love and prefer their wives above all other women in the world.  Marriage is an exclusive bond.  A husband’s thoughts of romantic love belong to his wife.  God only gave one bride to Adam, and he only gave one bride to his Son.

So much more could be said about a husband’s duties to his wife, and I’ve surely missed some important ones, but how does this apply to you?  Well, if you’re a husband, give yourself to fulfilling these duties in imitation of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

If you’re a wife, then pray that your husband would give himself to these duties. 

If you’re a single man, pray that the Lord would be giving you the grace to grow into this kind of man.  Even now learn to sacrifice, learn to profess Christ daily yourself, learn to serve others before serving yourself, and learn to guard your heart and eyes.  Learn the way of Christ. 

If you’re a single woman, pray that if God is pleased to give you a husband, that he would give you a man who is endeavoring to learn the way of Christ, and don’t settle for one who is not.  One more thing, sister, remember that you are part of the bride of Christ.  As a member of his bride remember that he has proclaimed his love for you in the sacrifice of his death.  Through his gift of the Spirit to you, he is giving you the grace and strength to profess him daily.  He has loved you and prioritized your needs above his own.  And he has eyes only for his bride. 

It is my prayer that each of us, as members of Arlington Baptist Church, would rejoice in God’s good gift to us in Jesus.

Warmly in Christ,


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