God's Perfect Providence

March 12, 2023 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Genesis

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Genesis 24:1–67

Sermon in a sentence: While God brings his promises to pass you must plan, pray, praise him, and proceed in faith.

1. Plan for God to Providentially Act [Genesis 24:1–9]
     a. Depart and get Isaac a wife [Genesis 24:4, 2b, 9]
     b. Do not take a wife from the Canaanites [Genesis 24:3, cf. Deut. 7:3–4; 1 Kgs. 11:4; 1 Cor. 7:39]
     c. Do not let Isaac leave the Land [Genesis 24:6–7]
     d. Depend on the Lord’s Providence [Genesis 24:5, 8]

2. Pray for God to Providentially Act [Genesis 24:10–25]
     a. The Servant Prepares [Genesis 24:10–12]
     b. The Servant Prays [Genesis 24:12–15]
     c. The Servant Pursues [Genesis 24:16–20]
     d. The Servant Ponders [Genesis 24:21–28]

3. Praise God When He Providentially Acts [Genesis 24:26–51]
     a. The Servant Praises God for His Providence [Genesis 24:26–48]
     b. The Servant Persuades Laban and Bethuel that God has Acted [Genesis 24:49–51]

4. Proceed in Faith When God Providentially Acts [Genesis 24:52–67]
     a. The Servant’s Blessing [Genesis 24:52–57]
     b. The Family’s Blessing [Genesis 24:58–61, cf. Gen. 17:16, 22:17]
     c. The Final Blessing [Genesis 24:62–67]


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