Life and Death Again and Again

September 18, 2022 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Genesis

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Genesis 4:1– 6:8



Main Idea: Sin and death march on, but so do God's promises of life and salvation.

1. Sin Will Spread, but God Will Save [Genesis 4:1–26]

     a. A Tale of Two Sons [Genesis 4:1–7]

     b. Murder in the First Degree [Genesis 4:8–16]

     c. Cain's Children, Murder Multiplied [Genesis 4:17–24]

     d. Unto Us a Son is Born [Genesis 4:25–26]

2. Death Overwhelms, but Life Overcomes [Genesis 5:1–31]

     a. Genesis 1 Again [Genesis 5:1–2]

     b. Seth's Sons, Genealogy Again [Genesis 5:3–32]

          i. And he died [Genesis 5:5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 27, 31]

               1. But One Didn't! Enoch [Genesis 5:21–23]

         ii. And he fathered a son [Genesis 5 throughout]

       iii. And he had other sons and daughters [Genesis 5 throughout]

                1. All is lost, but one is found! Noah [Genesis 5:29–32]

3. Mankind is Fallen, but the Maker Shows Favor [Genesis 6:1–8]

     a. Marriage Misused (Again) [Genesis 6:1–2]

     b. Worldwide Wickedness and Deep Depravity [Genesis 6:3–7]

     c. Favor Found [Genesis 6:8]


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