The Fear of God and the Favor of God

July 3, 2022 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Psalms

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Psalm 128:1–6

Main Point: The favor of the Lord is upon those who fear the Lord.

1. The Secret of Blessing [Psalm 128:1, cf. v. 4]

     a. Available to everyone (an open invitation)

     b. Happiness connected to holiness

     c. Fear is a gift from God [Jeremiah 32:40]

     d. Join God in walking in his ways [Deuteronomy 8:6]

     e. Where we have failed, Jesus has prevailed!

2. The Substance of Blessing [Psalm 128:2–4]

     a. His Labor [Psalm 128:2; cf. Psalm 127:2]

     b. His Love [Psalm 128:3a; cf. Ephesians 5:29]

     c. His Little Ones [Psalm 128:3b]

How should we think of these blessings in light of the Fall and God's providence?

     a. Normal, but not Normative (generally descriptive but not universally prescriptive)

     b. Blessed, but not Bliss [James 1:12]

     c. Pointers to Paradise [Deuteronomy 28:1–14; Revelation 19:9]

3. The Source of Blessing [Psalm 128:5–6]

     a. We do not worship the creatures, but the Creator; not the gifts, but the Giver [Romans 1:23]

     b. A Prayer for other Pilgrims

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