Gracious and Comforting Words

January 2, 2022 Speaker: Matthew DelValle Series: Zechariah

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Zechariah 1:7–2:13

Key Question: Do you view God through your circumstances, or do you view your circumstances through God?

Three Comforting Assurances (Zechariah 1:7–2:5)

  1. God's jealousy for his people will restore them in mercy (Zechariah 1:7–17)
  2. God's resources for his people are sufficient to conquer all their enemies (Zechariah 1:18–21)
  3. God's purpose for his people is greater than their expectation (Zechariah 2:1–5)

Three Calls to Action (Zechariah 2:6–13)

  1. Return to God's city (Zechariah 2:6–9)
  2. Rejoice in God's dwelling (Zechariah 2:10–12)
  3. Revere God's holiness (Zechariah 2:13)

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