The Man Whom God Has Appointed

December 19, 2021 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Acts

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 17:16–34

Main Point: For the glory of God, we should proclaim God's revelation (Creation and Christ) for the salvation of sinners.

1. Motive: Your Motive in the Mission is God’s Glory (Acts 17:16–21)

     a. Paul’s Restlessness in Athens (Acts 17:16)

     b. Paul’s Reasoning with the Athenians (Acts 17:17–18)

     c. Athens’ Reaction to Paul’s Preaching of Jesus (Acts 17:19–21)

2. Message: Your Message in the Mission is God’s Revelation in Creation and Christ (Acts 17:22–31)

     a. Everyone is Religious: Ignorance and Inconsistency (Acts 17:22–23)

     b. God’s Creation of Everyone and Everything [Revelation] (Acts 17:24–29)

     c. God’s Command to Everyone [Repent] (Acts 17:30)

     d. God’s Christ is the Judge of Everyone [Reconciliation] (Acts 17:31)

3. Might: Your Might in the Mission is God’s Power to Save (Acts 17:32–34)

     a. Different Responses to God’s Revelation in Creation and Christ

         i. Decrying (Acts 17:32a)

        ii. Delaying (Acts 17:32b)

       iii. Deciding (Acts 17:34)

     b. Depend on God’s Might, for he is mighty to save (Acts 17:34)