Salvation to the Ends of the Earth

October 24, 2021 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Acts

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 13:1–13:52

Main Point: Jesus’ mission is to see his salvation proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

1. Jesus’ Mission Emerges from Praise (Acts 13:1–3)

2. Jesus’ Mission Defeats Demonic Powers (Acts 13:4–12)

3. Jesus’ Mission Advances through Proclamation (Acts 13:13–43)

    a. God has Brought Israel a Savior, Jesus! (Acts 13:13–25)

    b. God has Sent Out His Message of Salvation (Acts 13:26–31)

    c. God has Fulfilled the Scriptures (Acts 13:32–37)

    d. Paul’s Application

         i. Believe in Jesus! (Acts 13:38–39)

        ii. Beware of Unbelief! (Acts 13:40–41) 

4. Jesus’ Mission Perseveres through Persecution (Acts 13:44–52)

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