Jesus Is Lord

September 5, 2021 Speaker: Mike Law Series: Acts

Topic: Exposition Scripture: Acts 10:1–10:48

Main Point: Jesus is Lord of all.

Key Takeaway: If Jesus is Lord of all, is he your Lord?

1.     God Prepares Cornelius [the Gentiles] (Acts 10:1–8)

a.     The Man (Cornelius)

b.     The Message (from the Angel)

c.      The Mission (send for Peter)

2.     God Prepares Peter [the Jews] (Acts 10:9–16)

a.     The Man (Peter)

b.     The Message (The Vision)

3.     God Pairs Them Together (Acts 10:17–33)

a.     Introductions

b.     Invitation

4.     God Proclaims Jesus’ Lordship Over All (Acts 10:34–38)

Jesus’ Lordship is proclaimed through the Gentiles:

a.     hearing the good news

b.     receiving the Holy Spirit

c.      inclusion in the Church

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