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You Know He Forgives Us, Right?

April 24, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

In his book Holiness by Grace, Dr. Bryan Chapell wrote, “The tears of confession and the joy of pardon are required to produce the gratitude that empowers the Christian life” (p.35). I’ve only just started reading Dr. Chapell’s book, but I expect it to be a good one by what I’ve read so far.

Many years ago a dear friend taught me the principle that Dr. Chapell propounds, just in a different way. He was holding me accountable for various areas of my life and when I confessed my sin, he would often ask me, “Well, have you gone to the Lord in prayer and asked him for forgiveness? You know that he forgives us of our sin, right?” I had been a Christian for some time and of course I knew that the Lord would forgive me, but don’t we often forget that we’ve been forgiven and will continue to be forgiven for our sin? Too often we keep “all our sins and griefs” to (personally) bear. We keep them out of guilt. We fail to confess them and seek God’s pardon because our memory is too short in the wrong area.

We of all people ought to be quick to confess our sin and know the joy of pardon, and this experience – this continual experience throughout our Christian lives – will indeed fuel our gratitude for Christ and so empower us to live for him. Go ahead. Run to him and confess your sins. You know he forgives us of our sins, right?

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