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Treasuring Your Bible

April 24, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

Sunday, I participated in a prayer service with other pastors from the SBCV. Our goal was to gather together to praise God, confess sin, give thanks, and make our requests known to God in and through prayer. It was a wonderful evening, but perhaps the thing that warms my heart the most from last Sunday evening was the response of a young girl when she once again held her lost Bible in her hands.

A friend had come to preach for us roughly a year and a half ago, and when he did, he brought his family. His young daughter brought her Bible to church, but had forgotten to take it home. I saw it at church week after week, meaning to take it back to him each month since I see him about that often for lunch. This past Sunday I finally had my wits about me and I remembered that I would see him at this prayer meeting.

We pulled into the parking lot at just about the same time, and when he got out of his car I said, “Brother, I believe I have your daughter’s Bible.” I handed it to him, and he handed it to her. Her face lit up like it was Christmas, as though she received the gift she had been dreaming about for the last three months. I hope I remember her words for many many years. She said, “My Bible! I thought I’d never see it again. Thank you so much. I am so glad to have it back!” There is much that we can learn from the response of this young girl.

How precious is your Bible to you? How would you feel if you lost it? Would you notice if it was lost? Our Bibles are precious because they contain the sweet words of God. They contain words of life and hope and grace. We would do well to treasure more what our church’s statement of faith calls, “a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction.” We would do well to wake up each morning, excited to have our Bibles, and say, “My Bible! I am so glad to have it. What sweet word will God speak to me today in his Word?”

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