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Our Savior Prays for Us

December 13, 2018 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

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Brothers & Sisters,

           When we think of the priesthood of Jesus Christ our minds are often inclined to remember his sacrifice. This is good and right, but we must not forget Jesus’ intercession for us. Our Savior prays for us. This is his present ministry in heavenly glory. He is even now interceding for us, and oh how we need his prayers. Thomas Watson in his book All Things For Good elaborates on the gracious work of the intercession of Christ:           


Christ is in heaven, as Aaron with his golden plate upon his forehead, and his precious incense; and He prays for all believers as well as He did for the apostles. ‘Neither pray I for these alone, but for all them that shall believe on me’ (John 17:20). When a Christian is weak, and can hardly pray for himself, Jesus Christ is praying for him; and He prays for three things. First, that the saints may be kept from sin (John 17:15). ‘I pray that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.’ We live in the world as in a pest-house; Christ prays that His saints may not be infected with the contagious evil of the times. Second, for His people’s progress in holiness. ‘Sanctify them’ (John 17:17). Let them have constant supplies of the Spirit, and be anointed with fresh oil. Third, for their glorification: ‘Father, I will that those which thou has given me, be with me where I am’ (John 17:24). Christ is not content till the saints are in His arms. This prayer, which He made on earth, is the copy and pattern of His prayer in heaven. What a comfort is this; when Satan is tempting, Christ is praying! This works for good. [Thomas Watson, All Things for Good (Puritan Paperbacks), Reprint ed. (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1986), 22-23.]


Jesus not only loved us to the death, but he loves us after his death. We pray for the ones we love, just as he prays for the ones he loves. Praise God for the intercession of Jesus.


Warmly in Christ,




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