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Our God Cares

February 8, 2018 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

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Brothers & Sisters,

            Have you ever wondered, does the day to day, the minute by minute, miniscule and minor details of my life really matter to God? Christopher Ash, in his helpful little book, Where was God when that happened? answers that question like this:         


“Yes, God cares about all things in your life – little and big, present and future. He numbers the hairs on your head (Matt. 10:30). So when things take you by surprise – perhaps shocking or terrible things – never forget that your life is watched over and directed by a loving heavenly Father. Nothing and nobody can take him by surprise. Nothing can happen to you that he has not planned. All your days are written in his book before one of them happened (Ps. 139:16).

            What is more, God wants you to pray for the honor of Jesus and the triumph of goodness in everything, moment by moment, day and night, when alone and when with others. While he directs and controls every detail of your life – whether you like it or not – it is his wonderful purpose that your desires and decisions will be lined up more and more with what he loves.

            But we must not think that God will tell us in detail what to do. When you open the sock drawer in the morning, don’t expect a heavenly hotline to tell you which pair to put on. The Bible’s big focus is not so much on individual decisions – though they do matter – as on developing godly maturity and Christ-like character. Pray to become a man or woman who will want and make good choices.”


[Christopher Ash, Where Was God When That Happened?, Questions Christians Ask (Place of publication not identified: The Good Book Company, 2017), 28.]


            Our God cares. He is our good and gracious Heavenly Father. Good earthly fathers care about their children and the intricacies of their days. Around the dinner table good fathers ask questions like, “What did you do today?” and “What did you learn in school?” They ask because they care. Our Heavenly Father is better than the best earthly father. He cares. Live each moment and each day that he cares and delights in the details of your life.

 Warmly in Christ,



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