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I've Got News

May 5, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

As we were studying John 8, I spent some time reflecting on what it means to be enslaved to sin. I encouraged non-Christians to be set free by embracing Christ, and I encouraged Christians to keep living in their freedom. While I didn’t have the time at the time, I wanted to spend more time dwelling on sin and slavery. I wanted to do so in part to help us as Christians relate well to our non-Christian friends. Too often we are tempted to put on airs and give the impression that we live sinless lives. We all know that is not true, and I think it can be helpful in our evangelistic relationships if we tell our non-Christian friends and family members that it is not true.

I recently heard a Christian musician tell a story about a conversation he had with a neighbor. He and his wife were meeting with their neighbor and praying with her as she was going through a hard time. In that time he said something like, “I know this must be hard for you,” and his neighbor responded by saying, “You don’t know what this is like, you’re a Christian singer.” That conversation inspired Andrew Peterson to write the song, “I’ve Got News.” Peterson wrote,

“So you think I'm something special, like I know a thing or two; like my eyes don't ever wander, like my aim is always true. So you think I'm not a dirty rotten scoundrel through and through? Lady, I've got news for you.
So you think that you're the only one to cry yourself to sleep? That you're the only one who's scared they all forget you when you leave? So you think that you're the only one whose heart is black and blue? Listen, I've got news for you, for you. I might as well just tell you that it's true, it's true: listen, I've got news for you.
So you think you don't need anyone to love you? So you think you don't need anyone to love? But you do.
So you say there is no hope. Maybe God is dead and gone. So you think that he can't break a heart that's harder than a stone. So you feel so wrecked and dirty he could never make you new. Man, have I got news for you, for you. I'm so compelled to tell you that it's true, so true: listen, I've got news for you. I tell you I've got news for you.
I've got good news for you.”

What a wonderfully Christian thing to say to a non-Christian friend, neighbor, or co-worker. This humble attitude is applicable to Christian singers, musicians, pastors, businessmen, lawyers, moms, accountants, government workers, politicians, teachers, retirees and every kind of Christian out there. It is my prayer that the Lord would be pleased to increasingly give our congregation this humble spirit. Humility and openness in our evangelism is far more powerful than self-righteous pride and condemnation, because it displays a deep and profound confidence in the power of the gospel.

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