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Devotional Guide for Sunday, May 3, 2020

May 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

Church Family,

Once again, I write praying that this note finds you well and trusting the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m writing to help you think through how to spend the coming Lord’s Day well. The goal of this template for is to encourage us to consider the question, “What has Jesus done for us?” It is important for us to remember and know what the cross of Christ accomplished. The guiding text is Galatians 3:10-14. Please know that this is simply a suggested template for personal or family worship. You can take up portions of this template or all of it as you see fit.

Let me apologize in advance. While the power point is still visible, my camera shut off during the presentation portion and I don’t know why, sorry. This is a new glitch I’m trying to figure out.

Template for Sunday, May 3, 2020

Call to Worship: God through his Word calls us to worship him. Read Psalm 63:1-3.

Prayer of Invocation: Offer a brief prayer asking God to attend your worship.

Praise through Song: Holy, Holy, Holy (2)

*Note: Here is a link to our hymnal online.

Praise God through Prayer: Offer a prayer praising God for who he is and what he has done.

Confess the Faith: Confess your faith using the words of Article 12 of our church’s Statement of Faith:

  1. Of the Harmony of the Law and the Gospel

We believe that the Law of God is the eternal and unchangeable rule of his moral government; that it is holy, just, and good; and that the inability which the Scriptures ascribe to fallen men to fulfill its precepts arises entirely from their love of sin; to deliver them from which, and to restore them through a Mediator to unfeigned obedience to the holy Law, is one great end of the gospel, and of the means of grace connected with the establishment of the visible church.

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 27:11-26

Confess Your Sin through Prayer: Offer a prayer of confession for anything the Lord has brought to mind in your reading of Deuteronomy 27:11-26.

Scriptural Assurance of Pardon (for those who repent and believe): Read Romans 5:8-9.

Respond in Song: Nothing but the Blood (135)

Give Thanks and Pray for Understanding of God’s Word: Offer a brief prayer of thanksgiving for what God has done in Jesus Christ. Also ask God, through his Holy Spirit to give you a mind, heart, and will to hear, understand, believe, and obey his Word.

Read and Reflect on God’s Word: Galatians 3:10-14

  •  Watch/listen to my reflections on the passage
  • Discuss the devotion:
  • What were the points of the devotion?
  • Where from the text was the gospel preached?
  • How would you share the gospel with an unbeliever from the biblical text?
  • What applications were made in the devotion?
  • What application do you need to make in your life from the devotion?
  • What applications were made to the church from the devotion?
  • How does this devotion encourage us to trust, pray, and obey God?

Respond in Song: What Wondrous Love is This (143)

Close in Prayer: Offer a brief prayer thanking God for what you have learned about him, salvation through Jesus, and how you ought to follow in faith.

Receive God’s Benediction: Read Philemon 25.

Reflect: Take some time and reflect on what God has taught you in this time.

These are some of the things that you can do to spend the coming Lord’s Day well. If you’re a part of the church’s Facebook Group, then maybe you could share an edifying reflection from your time of worship.

Warmly in Christ,


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