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Born A King

December 18, 2014 | by: Mike Law | 0 Comments

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that in the New Year we would begin a new series in the gospel of Matthew, and that Lord willing, we would finish by Easter (with the resurrection of Christ). Well, a few things have changed with regard to our Spring calendar which make it necessary for me to make an adjustment to the preaching schedule. The bottom line is this – we’ll actually begin our series in Matthew this coming Lord’s Day.

What does all of this mean? Well, on the Sunday closest to Christmas, we’ll begin our study in Matthew with the birth of Jesus Christ. My hope is still for us to conclude our study of Matthew’s Gospel with Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Though I generally chafe at change, in the end I think that this is actually a good change and I am looking forward to the series. Let me encourage you to carve out a few minutes to read through the first two chapters of Matthew’s Gospel between now and Sunday.

As you read those wonderful chapters in Matthew’s Gospel, reflect on what Charles Spurgeon once said about the birth of Jesus Christ. He said, “A very singular thing this is, that Jesus Christ was said to have been ‘born a king.’” Very few have ever been ‘born king.’ Men are born princes, but they are seldom born kings…The moment that he came on earth he was a king…his heart beat royally, and his pulse beat an imperial measure, and his blood flowed in a kingly current. He was born a king.” Praise God that he was born king!

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